Report: Charges against Duke lacrosse players could be dismissed tomorrow

Is the glorious, long-awaited news really going to be broken by a guy from Inside Lacrosse magazine?

Perhaps, my friends, perhaps.

The remaining charges against three Duke University lacrosse players originally indicted for rape may be dropped sometime within the next few days, according to a report.

Inside Lacrosse Magazine writer Paul Caulfield told FOX News on Thursday that several sources have revealed to him that the assault and attempted kidnapping charges still pending against Collin Finnerty, 19, of Garden City, N.Y.; Dave Evans, 23, of Bethesda, Md.; and Reade Seligmann, 20, of Essex Falls, N.J., will soon be dropped.

Caulfield said his sources include more than just attorneys for the defense

There have been rumors that the families of Finnerty, Seligmann and Evans may be considering civil lawsuits against Nifong, Duke or the state if it turns out the accuser’s story doesn’t pan out and Nifong is found to be guilty of mishandling the case.

“This is something that will wait in the wings. Once the criminal case is dropped, we are going to see this and I believe we’ll see it quite quickly,” said Caulfield, a former prosecutor.

Megyn Kelly just updated this story on Fox News, saying that she’d spoken to the defense attorneys and they told her they hadn’t heard anything about it yet. However, she did confirm with another source that the accuser has been called in tomorrow for a chat with the new prosecutors. Maybe it’s their last ditch appeal to her to give them something, anything, to work with before they pull the plug.

The AG’s spokesman says they’re not planning any announcements for tomorrow, but news has a habit of breaking in this case on Friday afternoons.

You know what this calls for? Fred! (Old but gold.)