Breaking: Edwards set to suspend campaign over wife's illness; Update: Edwards will not suspend campaign

Sounds like her cancer has recurred. Awful. I’m no fan of the Silky one but I didn’t want to see him go this way.


Update: Michelle got to Moran’s post before I could link but it’s spot on so I’m linking it anyway. He’s a distant third and the primary schedule doesn’t favor him so he can’t afford a long absence. Hopefully his wife’s cancer isn’t aggressive, in which case maybe he’s only out for a month or two.

Assuming he’s out for good, does this tempt Gore? Edwards at this point is just a poor man’s Goracle anyway: white, southern, showily environmentalist, and a veteran of national campaigns. The only difference is Silky’s class demagoguery, but that shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Gore could enter, take most of Edwards’s 10% and draw another 10 from Hillary and Obama (mostly Hillary) and he’d be right in the thick of it. What am I missing?

Update: Taegan Goddard‘s hearing the same thing as Politico.

Update: Surprise! Edwards just said he won’t be suspending his campaign.

I don’t think Politico and Goddard got played so much as they might have been working off stale information. Edwards’s wife said that the news about her condition looked grim until only yesterday, when they got more test results back and things looked brighter. So maybe the plan had been to suspend and then got cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Update: When I say her condition looked better than first though, I mean relatively:

Medical tests yesterday confirmed that Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer has spread to the bone, the couple announced.

“The biopsy showed the cancer had returned and it was malignant,” John Edwards said. “We are very optimistic about this.”

The cancer is not curable but it is treatable, John Edwards said.

He compared it at the presser to diabetes, something that’ll have to be managed for the rest of the life.

Update: As suspected, Ben Smith says his source had only heard the results of the first round of medical tests, not the newer one.