Video: Michelle on the Portland protesters' troop effigy

Delightful photos of these patriotic patriots patriotically torching a dummy in cammies are available at LGF. I wonder if Hannity forced this topic on Colmes or if Colmesy himself got so nervous when he saw the pics that he felt a little televised damage control was in order.

The former, I’m sure.

Too bad that the boss doesn’t seem to get along so well here with Jane Fleming, who I’ve come to dig from her appearances on “Red Eye” and her general usual reasonableness. Dare I say it, she’s nearly supplanted KP as my Fox News Democrat of choice. A word to the wise, though: lose the smirk. You can’t win the big A’s heart wielding all that ‘tude, Jane.


Update: In my haste to get this uploaded, I forgot to note Fleming’s “BUSH LIED!” shinola. That’s out of character for her … I hope. Or maybe it isn’t and the Foxies who’ve interviewed her in the past just haven’t asked the right questions to draw her inner nutroot out. Pity.