NYT: Aid embargo = more U.S. aid to Palestinians

That’s the lede but here’s the important part:

One side effect of the redirected aid, some officials said, is that while starvation has been avoided, institutions are withering and a culture of dependence is expanding

He added: “What we do know for sure is that Palestinians, and their economy and society, are becoming increasingly dependent on humanitarian handouts, and this dependency is growing fast. For a state in the making, I think this was a step backwards in 2006 and a cause for alarm.”…

Álvaro de Soto, the United Nations special envoy, says that because so much aid has been redirected to humanitarian purposes, development aid has dried up. “And by not engaging with government bodies that actually run Palestinian affairs, the international community has undercut its ability to promote the reform goals it advocates, to ensure that the Palestinian administration runs efficiently,” he said in an interview.

That’s a new one on me. I remember the sanctions on Iraq during the Saddam era being sold as a humane alternative to armed conflict. But it turned out it wasn’t humane enough because it caused too much hardship for Iraqi civilians, even though causing hardship was the whole point. So an exception was made for humanitarian aid in the form of Oil For Food, which ended up rescuing Saddam and becoming the clusterfark we all know and loathe today. We never reached the next stage — the “culture of dependency” lament — but I guess we’re there now with the Palestinians. And wouldn’t you know it, it seems the only “humane” solution available to us at this point is to engage and financially support the same terrorist government the embargo was designed to cripple.

It’ll be darkly amusing to see this same sequence play out with Iran if Russia and China come around on harsher sanctions. The left is all for economic warfare at the moment because it keeps the Bushitler’s revolver in his holster, but inflation in Tehran’s already at 20% and the oil infrastructure’s deteriorating. When the sanctions start to bite, every humanitarian voice will be lifted until we come full circle and end up being asked to prop up their regime instead of kill it.

Eh. One way or another, it’ll never get that far.

Exit question fun fact: Total foreign aid from all Arab countries to the Palestinians in 2006 = $400 million. Total budget surplus for Saudi Arabia in 2006 = $70.7 billion.