Cathy Seipp, RIP

I know her daughter and enough of her friends sufficiently well to have a vivid impression of her, even though we never did meet. I’m sorry for it. The LA Times‘s obituary is already up, but I like Treacher’s better. That’s my sense of her, too.

Reminiscences are ongoing at Cathy’s blog. Her daughter, Maia, IM’d me a little while ago to say she’s holding up okay but is understandably “numb and exhausted,” and asked that I let people know that the Times article only lists one charity to donate to in lieu of flowers — namely, the Humane Society — when in fact there were supposed to be two. The other is Lung Cancer Alliance. Lung cancer, of course, is what got Cathy; Maia told me once before she never smoked a day in her life.

Forty-nine years old. Rest in peace.