YouTube flame war erupts: McCain versus the Club for Growth

Clinton’s ’92 campaign famously insisted upon answering every GOP attack ad within 24 hours, before the Republican message could get traction. Things are going to move a lot faster than that next year. For a sneak preview, here’s the Club for Growth responding to Johnny Mac’s body blow yesterday with a love tap this morning…

…and here’s the answer, already uploaded and circulating. Advantage: McCain.

Granted, it’s only a clip and not an actual ad, but so what? It’s effective, and by the time the primaries heat up all the major candidates will have video teams in place to add the requisite logos and some barebones text. Handed the clips in the CFG video, Bryan could have punched up Adobe After Effects and knocked it out in probably 20 minutes. Six months from now, campaigns will be playing the political-ad equivalent of speed chess on YT. Which means lots of easy content, which in turn means a much easier grind for the big A. Mmmm yeah.