Video: Scott Pelley grills Haditha Marine Frank Wuterich on "60 Minutes"

The segment ran 25 minutes, and I swear, Pelley had this look on his face the whole time:


The full interview is viewable in the sidebar at Given how this appearance was being touted on their website, Wuterich’s defenders were obviously hoping this would be his chance to win in the court of the public opinion before the case went to trial. Pelley had other ideas. Here’s 90 seconds of his questions that should get you hungry to watch the whole thing.

The clip’s been heavily edited, needless to say.

If you don’t have 25 minutes, load the first clip at CBS (it’s in two parts) and skip ahead to seven minutes in. That picks up with Wuterich talking about the white car filled with young Iraqi men that he noticed right after the roadside bomb went off. It’s their killings, not the house-to-house clearings that came later, that investigators have said are the most incriminating. Wuterich claims he suspected them of having planted the IED and shot them as they ran away, but one Marine and an Iraqi soldier who were there say that the five were simply standing by the car in a line when he gunned them down. CBS showed a photo of the bodies last night, which to my knowledge is the first time it’s ever been published. I screencapped it for posterity.


Interesting fact drawn out by Pelley that I hadn’t known before: Wuterich had never seen combat until this incident. It was the first attack on his unit in his first deployment.

Update: Neal Boortz calls Pelley’s interview “one of the most outrageous displays of media bias ever.”

Update: Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive watched the interview too and sees bad days ahead for Wuterich. Not because of the shootings of the Iraqis in the car but because of the assault on the first house:

The mistake he made was assaulting the first house without being certain that is where the fire they took came from. Once the decision was made that those buildings represented the threat they were facing, the rest of the actions they took were brutal but proper. If Wuterich’s story is true he may be guilty of a horrendous decision to assault the first building, and that may be Dereliction of Duty, but it is not Murder.

Wuterich describes the assault at the beginning of the second clip at CBSNews.