Study: McCain's voting record growing ever more liberal

It’s from a McClatchy article about a National Journal scorecard but I got it from Ace so that’s where the link’s going:

The year-to-year scores can reveal consistency or change. McCain, for example, grew increasingly less conservative in recent years. He started with annual conservative scores consistently in the 80s when he first went to the Senate in 1987, dipped to the 70s during the mid-1990s, into the 60s in the late 1990s and into the 50s starting in 2004.

He’s currently slightly left of center on social issues.

Who benefits from the news? Fred, for one — he’s pals with McCain and probably won’t jump in unless St. John’s support craters. This will help that along. Rudy benefits too since it plays into his image as (irony of ironies) a straight-talker about his centrism vis-a-vis McCain. Ace has been wringing his hands for weeks over the fact that Rudy has yet to tack right, but if he does that it explodes his appeal as steely and uncompromising. It’s a brilliant trick so far — sticking to his liberal social views sends a sort of coded message to conservatives that he won’t back down on foreign policy either.

It’ll probably blow up in his face.

The same study says Obama’s the most liberal of all the candidates running, including Kucinich. No worries. He’s got the big Mo.