Good news: Pakistan cedes more territory to Al Qaeda

The peace treaty Musharraf signed last year with the tribal leaders in Waziristan turned into precisely the kind of disaster everyone expected it would be. So he’s going to do the logical thing and sign another one with the tribal leaders of the Bajaur Agency in the north. Bajaur borders Kunar province in Afghanistan and is rumored to be a favorite hiding place for Osama himself; that’s why some suspected he was the target in that mysterious raid in Kunar a few weeks ago.

You’re well advised to follow that link and read Roggio’s post, but if you don’t have time at least look at the map. Instead of clamping down in Bajaur and forcing jihadis to enter Afghanistan through the south, which would let NATO concentrate its attentions there, Pakistan’s handing them a second, northern base from which to infiltrate. We’ve attacked Bajaur before — back in October, when Task Force 145 orchestrated a bombing run on a madrassa where none other than Ayman al-Zawahiri had allegedly been spotted. The secondary target was a guy named Faqir Mohammed, a Zawahiri deputy who supposedly left the building half an hour before the missiles hit. Who’s leading the Bajaur treaty negotiations according to the Pakistani paper Dawn (by way of Roggio)? Faqir Mohammed, naturally. Our government’s solution? Give them three-quarters of a billion dollars for development. Naturally.

Actually, we might have another solution in the works. Musharraf thinks he’s between a rock and a hard place now, but that place may be about to get much harder.