Video: Foreign policy da way it oughta be

Who’s stupider — Blitzer for thinking that Donald Trump sharing his pensees on the war is some big “get”, Drudge for teasing this shinola at the top of the page, or me for blogging it? Let’s go with me. That’s usually the safe answer.

I’ll link the full video later when CNN posts it. It’s actually great television, not only for the humor value in watching Wolf hang on his every word but for the sheer spectacle of a man with an orange rodent on his head smugly reciting one crushingly banal, simplistic platitude after another. The highlight is his grand gesture to wounded troops with his take on Condi Rice, which veers off the cliff into self-parody, a close second.

Here’s a selection of choice soundbites.

Update: Actually, I don’t know. Isn’t his mock outrage at gender discrimination in the Iraqi-strongman selection process the most ridiculous part? It’s so hard to choose!