Scientists: Manly men heal faster

Alpha males: Is there anything they can’t do?

The participants completed questionnaires that measured the degree to which they bought into masculine norms, such as physical strength, sexual performance, independence and successful career achievement.

They also answered questions about how attached they were to rigid gender roles…

The study found that increased masculinity had some negative effects on the recovery of “manly men.” The participants who believed it was appropriate to hold in their emotions, be self-reliant and have power over women had less favorable views toward seeking psychological help. This “I can take care of myself” attitude could be detrimental to already injured men…

But, men who focused on their careers, success, power and competition reported better relations in their community. These same participants showed greater improvement a year after their hospitalization.

Perhaps, the scientists report, an inner narrative is the engine behind the boost in health. For example, a brawny boy might think, “Yeah there are tough challenges, but nothing will stop me from reaching my goal,” the scientists state in a report of this study published in a recent issue of the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

Exit question: Isn’t it better to be a cringing beta male who never takes risks and therefore never has to heal in the first place?

Update: I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the guy in the back here heals sloooowly: