Duke lax accuser "not being forthcoming" with new prosecutors

Like Jake said to Tommy in Raging Bull, “You give me answers, you just don’t give me the right answers.”

Funny how she always gave Nifong the right answers.

In an article spanning four pages, roughly three are devoted to explaining why she might very well be telling the truth but need a little coaxing to warm up to the new prosecutors now that her little race-baiting ventriloquist’s dummy has been taken away.

The accuser has met at least twice with prosecutors from the North Carolina attorney general’s office, which took over the case from Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong in January.

In those interviews, she gave incomplete answers when asked about the alleged assault and the events surrounding it, according to sources.

The same sources added that Kim Roberts, the second dancer who attended the March 2006 party, had also refused to speak with investigators and had said she would do so only if subpoenaed. Roberts has spoken to the media about the case, including doing an interview with ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”…

Victims’ rights advocates told ABC News that it could take the accuser time to get comfortable with the new prosecutors, stressing that her level of participation could change. They also say it could be part of a fairly normal reaction to what’s been a highly abnormal case.

“She probably feels very beat up by the system. If you don’t have a sense of trust in the system, then you’re certainly not going to be forthcoming,” said Leah Oettinger, an advocate most recently with the Durham Crisis Response Center. “Even just with the vicious attacks on the Web and her picture on TV. … The trauma, the lack of trust that anyone’s going to be there for you, fear of being alone — all of that could contribute to someone’s reluctance to talk.”

The state AG says they expect to decide whether to proceed to trial or drop the charges within a few weeks. The suspense is killing me.

Update: Probably right:

Hot Air: has quoted some of the nonsense claims about her needing to “warm up” to the prosecutors. I just didn’t feel like quoting such absurdities.

Still, it seems likely that that’s the crap the prosecutors were feeding the ABC reporter. (But, that crap being not-for-attribution, she had to find some other lawyer to say the same thing.)

So it seems the prosecutors are taking the easy way out. They’ll just drop the charges citing the accuser’s unwillingness to go forward (she feels so “abused”!), and avoid actually doing their jobs and getting to the actual truth.

There are too many bad racial vibes from both ends in this case for the AG to side firmly with one party or the other. This is how he’ll split the baby.

Can’t wait ’til the Duke kids sue Nifong and she has to take the stand, though.