Dean visiting world leaders to undermine Bush

Probably the most irritating thing about this is how superfluous it is. No one needs to be personally informed by the American left’s minister plenipotentiary that U.S. policy will change if a Democrat’s elected. He’s announcing this purely for domestic consumption, so that the nutroots can get their rocks off imagining Dean-o urging various heads of state to run out the clock on Bush rather than cooperate with him.

It’s the sort of thing that usually involves Waffles, not Dean, and tends to happen in front of crowds, not behind closed doors, but it comes from the same not-in-my-name impulse that’s tying the Dems in knots now over their withdrawal plans. They’re looking for a way to take control of the war without “owning” it, ownership being reserved for Bush alone. Same with foreign policy: it’s not America’s, it’s his, which is why Dean can be so casual in admitting to having flouted it and Hillary can be so cavalier about the prospect of ethnic cleansing in Iraq. Why should she have to worry about that as president? That’s Bush’s mess, not America’s.

I don’t know what’s more alienating, the fact that they care so unduly what “the world” thinks of them or that disclaiming allegiance to the Chimperor is so mainstream that Ace could float a joke like this with perfect confidence that everyone would get it.

More here from the Princess. Exit question: Which “world leaders” has Dean-o been chatting with?