Video: Maher calls Dems "wussies" for pulling out of Fox debate

Well, not exactly. But that’s as close as I’m allowed to get to an accurate quote.

This is a critique from the left, as Maher’s critiques of Democrats always are. He’s the fightin’est nutroot in Nutrootsville, which in this case leads him to mistake collective action for cowardice. The Kossacks aren’t afraid of Fox; they want to put it out of business, at least as far as polite leftist society is concerned. The Democratic candidates aren’t afraid of Fox either — but they are afraid of the Kossacks. There’s the cowardice angle Maher’s looking for, one which he won’t touch lest it put him on the opposite side from “my good friend, my great friend, Arianna Huffington.”

Likewise, Maher being Maher, the criticism of Democrats is only incidental to a broader criticism of Republicans. We pick up with him discussing l’affaire Coulter and her reception at CPAC.