Shrum: Silky Pony voted for Iraq war because political advisors told him to

Edwards insisted in an op-ed in 2005 that he voted for war because of the (faulty) intel. Tain’t so, says his (and Kerry’s) former advisor Bob Shrum. Whom to believe: a guy who’s hawking a book or a guy who appeared on Fox News 33 times before discovering he had a principled objection to doing socoincidentally at the same time the nutroots were mounting a campaign against the network?

Advantage: Shrum.

Democratic strategist Bob Shrum writes in his memoir to be published in June that he regrets advising Edwards to give President Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq. He said if Edwards had followed his instincts instead of the advice of political professionals, he would have been a stronger presidential candidate in 2004…

Shrum writes that Edwards, then a North Carolina senator, called his foreign policy and political advisers together in his Washington living room in the fall of 2002 to get their advice. Edwards was “skeptical, even exercised” about the idea of voting yes and his wife Elizabeth was forcefully against it, according to Shrum, who later signed on to John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

But Shrum said the consensus among the advisers was that Edwards, just four years in office, did not have the credibility to vote against the resolution and had to support it to be taken seriously on national security. Shrum said Edwards’ facial expressions showed he did not like where he was being pushed to go.

This is the same tool who’s been badgering Hillary at every opportunity for not repudiating her own Iraq vote because, in his words, honesty and openness are absolute requisites in our next president. Mm hmm.

Actually, I’m not sure this hurts him. It takes some shine off his posture as the “authentic” nutroots anti-war candidate, but given how theatrically he’s groveled in repenting his vote, not much. Besides, both sides assume that most Dems supported the war because of political calculations; the same scene Shrum describes in Silky Pony’s living room surely played out in Hillary’s too. If anything, this makes it sound like his instincts were right and only the corrupting influence of Washington steered him from the good and true path, a narrative tailor-made for the nutroots’ faux revolutionary aspirations.

He’ll probably get a bump out of it.