Video: Degenerate mugs, punches 101-year-old woman

Three times, square in the face. Hard to imagine a more viscerally disgusting crime that doesn’t involve death, sexual violence, or children. I don’t envy him the reception he’ll get from the other inmates when they found out what he’s in for.

The NYPD has already gotten 1,000 tips, which must be a record for robbery. This isn’t the only granny he’s hit lately, either:

The 85-year-old woman believed to be the mugger’s second victim, Solange Elizee, told police she was punched and pushed to the floor outside her apartment door by a man who had initially offered to help her get home.

“I like to help old people,” he said before turning violent, according to Elizee.

Both women are doing okay, although the 101-year-old has a fractured cheekbone.