Heart-ache: Ahmadinejad's art advisor condemns "300"

Strongly condemns, I should say. Albeit not as strongly as certain hysterical left-wing American film critics.

Iran on Monday strongly condemned the US film company Warner Bros. over the allegedly “anti-Iranian” blockbuster film 300. Javad Shamqadri, art advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told Fars news agency that the film was an insult to Persian culture and in line with the American “psychological war” against Iran…

Iran’s has called foul over what it calls “deviation of history” but also because the Persians in the film were shown as “ugly and violent creatures rather than human beings.”…

The news network Khabar organised a special programme in which the film was evaluated from several angles by film critics who argued that the film’s alleged efforts to expose Persians as violent was a US political plot implemented through Hollywood and the Warner Bros. company.

Iranian criticism of American entertainment tends to run pretty narrowly, so by “several angles” I can only assume they mean analyzing the film for Ashkenazi influence versus Sephardic.

Still, I feel their pain. Propaganda kills.