CAIR says flying imams set to sue U.S. Airways for discrimination

I wrote about this three months ago, not believing CAIR could be so foolish as to try to politicize airline security where the facts appear to cut against them. If, as has been suggested, their goal is getting that anti-profiling bill passed, why wake the public up with a high-profile stunt that’ll probably backfire?

Six Islamic leaders who were removed from a U.S. Airways flight in November said they will sue the airline for discrimination.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations announced the planned lawsuit on Monday and said it would provide details on Tuesday. It declined to say which court the group would sue in, or provide the name of the attorney handling the case…

The men said they had done nothing that should have been suspicious. [Que? — ed.] The announcement of the planned lawsuit said “their removal from the flight was based on racism and religious intolerance.”…

U.S. Airways released a statement saying it hadn’t seen the lawsuit, but that it’s [sic] initial position has not changed: that its employees “acted appropriately, and we continue to back the actions of our crew and ground employees in this case.”

Righty blogs and talk radio are going to have a field day with this. There’s a lot of good publicity for U.S. Airways to be had here if they stick to their guns; I hope they bear it in mind if and when they receive a settlement offer.