Video: UPI reporter gets emotional over Iraq; Update: Clip added

A reader in Thailand e-mails to say he caught this on C-SPAN yesterday and remembered our post about her from January 14. That clip got plenty of play at the time from righty blogs simply due to the gawk factor involved in watching a reporter who’s more interested in winning the war than revisiting Bush’s mistakes.

Sometime between then and now, she left for Iraq and traveled around the country. C-SPAN had her on to say what she saw. She dispatches with the basics up front — Mahmudiya looks good, Basra looks like Chicago circa 1920 with dozens of Al Capones battling for supremacy (an awful thought in light of the British drawdown) — but the heart of it begins at 18:00 and runs for about ten minutes. That’s where she addresses troop morale and what the mission is really about on the ground at this point. I won’t spoil it by giving you details. Just set aside the time and watch.

Good stuff too about Walter Reed beginning at 6:00, successes in Anbar from about 7:30 to 11:00, and media (non-)bias at 50:00. All worth it if you have time, but the clip at 18 minutes in is the can’t-miss. Click the image to watch.

Update: If clicking the image doesn’t work for you, go here and look for Pamela Hess. It’s at the top of the page as I write this. Choose the 56 min. program.

Update: Lots of people are having trouble with the link; I think C-SPAN’s server is overwhelmed. I’m going to try to download the video and post the key clip on our own server. Sorry for the hassle.

Update: Okay, here’s the clip.