False alarm: "Islamic State of Iraq" leader not captured

Scout’s honor: I will not blog another Omar al-Baghdadi capture report unless it comes from someone in the U.S. military. Three false alarms is quite enough, thanks.

There is a mitigating factor, though.

A man described as a “senior leader” of an al-Qaeda-linked insurgent group has been arrested in Iraq, according to an Iraqi military spokesman.

The man was captured on Friday in a raid in Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib district, spokesman Qassim Moussawi said…

“We captured a figure who was a senior al-Qaeda member and we suspected that he was Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, but after initial investigations it was proven it was not Abu Omar al-Baghdadi,” he said.

The Iraqis have been accused of lying before to soften the blow when a big terror pinch goes bust, so don’t take it on faith that they caught anyone from AQ either.

To atone for yesterday’s bad information, I offer you this idiotic video of Bush, Laura, and Condi letting the music take over in Brazil. Click the image to watch.