Video: Democratic congressman goes nuclear on "idiot liberals"

He’s an exasperated jerk dealing with political reality; she’s a military mom with her head in the clouds. Will their shared hatred of the Bushitler’s war be enough to keep them together, or will their loathing of each’s other stupidity and immorality, respectively, drive them apart? Stay tuned — for “Democratic Crackup.”

Takeaway line: “We do have the votes if you guys quit screwing it up,” an apparent reference to the backlash among Blue Dog Democrats to Murtha’s pandering to doves.

How’d you like to be the staffer responsible for answering Obey’s e-mails as this starts to circulate among the nutroots? Lo, the rants shall be pretty vicious, and the action alerts important as can be.

Click the image to watch.


Update: McCain: “I just wish that my colleagues in the Democratic Party would … recognize that presidents don’t lose wars and parties don’t lose wars, nations lose wars and the consequences are felt by a nation.”

Update: Obey has apologized. Intriguingly, he might not have known he was being taped.