Video: Bush Derangement Syndrome, the dance

And so, as it must to all art forms, anti-Bush cant finally comes to dance. The peg, oddly enough, isn’t Iraq but Bush’s malaprops, or “Bushisms” as Slate editor Jacob Weisberg calls them. Weisberg’s been compiling them for years, and for years Eugene Volokh‘s been pointing out how deliberately dishonest Weisberg’s been in taking lines out of context to “prove” what a moron Bush is.

So what we have here, essentially, is a doctrinaire leftist interpreting the work of a liar who’s quoting a man they both regard as an idiot. Of such things are masterpieces made.

The sentiment she’s expressing here, in case you can’t read the projection behind her, is “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.” Which, in fairness, wasn’t taken out of context, if only because there’s no context that could make that sound smart.