David "Idiot Liberals" Obey conducts secret sting on House committee leakers

How else is he going to find out who’s leaking, huh? You see a magic wand in his pocket?

If you don’t think busting fatmouthed legislators who abuse their confidentiality privilege is a priority, then you’re SMOKING SOMETHING ILLEGAL:

“Three days ago, I gave several members of our caucus false information on purpose, because I wanted to see who the hell was leaking that information,” Obey told National Journal. “So these people aren’t being invited to the meetings anymore.”

Asked who the suspects were, Obey spokeswoman Kirsten Brost said she had asked Obey but “he told me not to leak that information.”

It’s not hard to guess who one of them is. Follow the WaPo link and behold Jim “War for Israel” Moran’s preemptive excuse-making. And note what he says about Obey lashing out at people, which rings only too wonderfully true this evening. There’s not much doubt that he’s a cranky jackass.

But he’s my kind of cranky jackass.