Nutroots whining over Fox News's Democratic debate reaches fever pitch

It’s come to this.

As you know, the Nevada State Democratic Party has agreed to host a debate with FOX News that has caused some concern among some of our activist allies. Because FOX has such an editorial bias against Democrats, some of our allies believe that we should have chosen another media partner. Senator Reid shares some of these concerns and has asked us to take another look at the parameters of this debate in order to ensure that all Democrats are comfortable as we move forward…

In answer to these concerns, we have secured an agreement to invite KJFK radio, the local Air America affiliate, to air the event live and C-Span will be able to carry the debate twice in its entirety after the conclusion of FOX’s broadcast. Additionally, the Nevada Democratic Party has an agreement to invite a local progressive voice onto the debate panel.

We will also offer the ability to carry the live FOX News web cast feed on its site for one-time viewing. If PoliticsTV agrees, this will give national viewers who do not wish to watch FOX the ability to watch the debate live while bolstering a progressive leaning organization.

Signed: Tom Collins, chairman of the Nevada Democratic Party. They mau-maued Fox into sharing coverage of the debate with nutroots-approved media sources just so that they wouldn’t have to dirty their filthy little hands by patronizing FNC for 90 minutes — even though they’re happy to patronize the network to find material for egregious smear jobs.

And to its eternal shame, instead of walking, Fox went for it.

The punchline? It’s still not good enough: has informed the Nevada Democratic Party that it cannot accept its invitation to webcast the August debate.

FOX News’ terms for PTV’s webcast are egregiously unfair and unbalanced.

FOX offered PTV a live feed, with the FOX branding and logo, without offering PTV any opportunity to use the content in any other way.

Worst of all, FOX demanded that PTV’s participation be via live webcast only, and that PTV not post any clips from the debate in archival or other form.

FYI, PoliticsTV used to be “DemsTV,” an online video outlet created by a guy who once famously dismissed this summer’s UK terror plot as propaganda cooked up to distract America from Ned Lamont’s primary victory. Update: Dan Manatt, executive producer of PoliticsTV, e-mails to say he and not John Aravosis founded the site. Never trust Wikipedia.

You can thank Silky Pony for giving this creepy, ideologically puritanical movement some media momentum. It was his firm, principled, anti-Fox “leadership” in pulling out of the debate that pushed this story into the news and put pressure on Reid (who scarcely needs encouragement in this area) to have the Nevada Dems revisit the terms of the debate.

Which brings us to our exit question: If this shameless, pandering jackass is such an inveterate Fox-hater, what was he doing on Hannity & Colmes six weeks ago after the State of the Union — his 33rd appearance on the network since August 2000?