Iraqslogger: Sadr's back in Iraq

They’re quoting Nahrain Net, which I’m guessing is a Shiite news source given the prominent ad for the Saddam execution video on its front page. Here’s the article about Sadr (I think) in case any we have any Arab-speaking readers interested in the primary source.

Allegedly he’s in Karbala where no doubt he’ll attend Friday prayers tomorrow and then spend Saturday ostentatiously observing the Shiite holiday of Arba’een. What he does after that will be interesting: crawl back to Iran and lie low or capitalize on the excitement generated by this evening’s resurrection by coming out to fight? I’m guessing neither. He’ll go back to Najaf and issue dopey anti-American statements periodically. Just to remind everyone he’s around.

Or maybe he’ll surprise us all by going into Sadr City with the local Six Flags representative and just hookin’ it up.

Exit question quotation, from the Daily Telegraph’s dispatch tonight from inside the Baghdad war room:

The representative of the paramilitary Iraqi National Police complained the Americans were too fastidious to fight a fast moving civil war. “In my personal view everything takes too long,” he said. “Once we gather the information we go at once. The Americans always take a long time. They ask too many questions. Sometimes they want videotapes. It lets the suspect get away.”