Bombshell: Obama had 20-year-old unpaid parking tickets

Paid in full on January 26th, 10 days after he announced the formation of his presidential exploratory committee. I question the timing. I also question the sanity of people who think this is newsworthy. Is this dude really so squeaky clean, to borrow a Biden-ism, that this qualifies as “dirt”? “Obama parks on expired meters” is not the stuff of which winning attacks are made, my friends, unless those meters are located next to a Wahhabist madrassa.

Honetly, this smacks of something he’d play up himself just to show how petty his personal transgressions have been. But six different people have sent us the link in the past 18 hours, so I relent. Here you go. Read all about it: Obama’s got a lead foot. No more e-mails!

Besides, there actually is better dirt on him. Exit question: How many points behind would Hillary have to fall before she starts referring to him as “Senator Cokehead”?

Update: A winning idea, per commenter NPP: “I’m not looking forward to another year-and-a-half of useless political crap like this. We really need a constitutional amendment that campaigns can’t begin prior to 6 months before an election.”

Update: Reader Eddie G. e-mails:

After twenty years, was an arrest warrant ever issued for him? Here in Texas, any unanswered government issued penalties, such as a parking ticket, routinely call for law enforcement to have “round-ups” by arrest of anyone who has such unsettled business. As a matter of fact, the state of Texas began arresting people in every city for any outstanding matters.

I would think that the state of Illinois, more specifically the city of Chicago, would also take such action. Was he given special treatment, or are the clerks so incompetent that they never followed up on it? But that raises another question – how come he settled the matter AFTER announcing his run for ruler of the world?

Update: Slow news day at CNN.