Video: Fifteen minutes of "300"

People were talking about it last night in the “Terminator” thread so I figured I’d throw you a bone. Some guy harvested nine and a half minutes’ worth of clips from around the web, stitched them together, and uploaded them to YouTube this morning…

…meanwhile, another five minutes turned up on ThatVideoSite. I don’t think any of the footage here is duplicated in the clip above, but I didn’t watch them all the way through to make sure. Click the image to watch.

Most everyone here’s going to see it, I assume. I probably won’t just because I rarely go to the movies; the last flick I caught was “Land of the Dead,” I think, and as anti-Bush propaganda goes, it was only marginally more subtle than Captain America comics are these days. VDH has seen it and likes it, though, so there’s that. I don’t know. A realistic movie about Thermopylae would be fascinating but this one’s based on a comic book, and it looks it. Way too many guys making this face: