Fox News set to pick up "The Half-Hour News Hour"; Update: 13 new episodes?

I figured we’d know this week. And now we know.

They had no choice. The ratings are huge:

The second pilot rang in 1.4 million viewers and 443,000 in the 25-54 demo at 10 p.m. on Sunday night, matching the perf of the first pilot, which lifted FNC’s numbers in the slot 69% over its first quarter average.

If sustained, those numbers would make it the top show in cable news on the weekend, an indication of the market for a satire show that speaks to conservatives.

Desperate not to be blacklisted in the industry because of this, co-anchor Kurt Long a.k.a. “Kurt McNally” swears to the Boston Herald that he’s a “political neophyte” and that this is “just another acting gig for me.” Good dog!

Exit question: Good news or bad news? I’m honestly not sure.

Update: Jossip says it’s a baker’s dozen.