Video: Officers tell NBC Iraqis don't want U.S. to leave

Good viewing here, thanks to a tip from NewsBusters. The Nightly News is in Iraq all week; Brian Williams spent yesterday on a flyover of the Sunni hotspots of Hit and Ramadi while Richard Engel was with the 82nd Airborne as they rolled into Sadr City. There’s a lot to worry about still: the Sunni situation sounds much improved, but whether that will remain true after American money stops flowing to the sheikhs is unclear. As for Sadr City, one of the Sadrist papers is reporting that the neighborhood council has rejected the presence of U.S. personnel at the “mini-fort” being constructed in the neighborhood. The excuse is that the residents are opposed to the occupation, but watch this and judge for yourself.

The first clip should roll immediately into the second, but in case not, just click the images to watch both. The first is Williams…


…and the second is Engel.