Iraqi man detained at LAX over suspicious device concealed in, er, orifice

I have but three things to say.

1. Never trust a guy named Maliki.
2. I tremble at the thought of Ann Coulter’s reaction to the news.
3. There being no joke available here that’s suitable for this blog, I leave you with a quote:

He triggered an alert during the secondary screening and immediately told screeners about the device he was carrying, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

“He initially said it was therapeutic,” she said.

Update: Video of the suspect at KTLA, plus the obligatory gross-out quote: “After al-Maliki was searched, the Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad was called to the airport to examine the suspicious item.”

Update: There is a serious angle here, per Omri Ceren: if Maliki wasn’t allowed on the plane, why was his luggage?