Bill Maher: I'm sorry ... that NewsBusters distorted what I said

He never said he wanted Cheney dead. He merely strongly implied that it might be better for the world if it happened.

Get it right, wingnuts.

You know, for a such a fearless, slashing, abrasive truthteller, Maher’s post is awfully low key, isn’t it? You suppose HBO’s PR department had any input? It reminds me of John Lennon complaining after the Beatles broke up about how a rebel like him had had to endure the indignity of wearing a jacket and tie onstage. To which Paul drolly replied, “I don’t recall anyone having to be dragged to the tailor.” Straighten your tie, Bill.

And now, having stumbled into a comparison between John and Bill Maher, I’m depressed. Wonderful.

I was going to ask an exit question about whether Maher’s post was more or less stupid than Coulter comparing the CPAC backlash to “totalitarianism,” but let’s just let it lie, shall we?