Video: "The Half-Hour News Hour" on jihad

Glimmers of good ideas last night, especially the “To Catch a Predator” spoof about that kindergartner accused of sexual harassment for rubbing his face in a teacher’s chest. But it never went anywhere. That’s the show’s biggest problem: they start with reasonably solid premises and then just follow them out with no surprises or embellishments along the way. The joke’s over as soon as you realize what they’re referencing.

You can see that in this clip too, a spoof of the “broad strata” apologias for terrorism, although this at least has the merit of educating viewers about some of the bomb plots. They did that in the first show too with the t-shirt skit, which I complained about at the time for its heavy exposition. I guess if you’re going to be didactic with your comedy, you might as well be didactic about this.

The two pre-recorded shows are now out of the can. We’ll probably find out this week what Fox is planning to do with it.