Video: Slickly produced yet stupid anti-Hillary ad

Via the New Editor, which notes that the ad doesn’t appear to have come from Obama’s camp notwithstanding the URL given at the end. Glenn credits it to “Obama supporters” but I’m not so sure about that either. I assume people know where most of the footage here comes from; the only thing that’s new is the A/V of the Glacier herself. The ad’s obviously trying to present Hillary as a monolith who’s nomination is all but assured until the plucky upstart comes along and shatters the paradigm, but presenting her as Big Brother in an Orwellian fever dream is nasty, heavy handed, and off-putting.

So the question is, who’s responsible? If this is an amateur job, it’s an unusually slick one, so let’s assume it isn’t. Is the culprit (a) Obama’s camp launching an attack on Hillary while maintaining plausible deniability through the use of an amateur YouTuber as a front man, (2) a Republican group trying to sow discord among the Democrats with a false-flag operation, or (3) Hillary’s camp fragging themselves so the Glacier can play that victim’s role she loves so well and whine a little more about the politics of personal destruction?