Video: Gutfeld apologizes for anti-Islamic rhetoric on "Red Eye"

From last night’s show. No idea what the story is here. Maybe GG felt genuinely remorseful about what Jonathan Hoenig said the night before, or maybe some Fox exec pulled him aside afterward and “suggested” that he find the remorse within. It’s probably better that we don’t know.

I’ve spliced together clips from both shows, starting with the apology and then segueing into Hoenig’s comments on Thursday. If you listen closely, you can hear our own Bryan Preston agree with him when he scolds Lisa Bernhard for her double standard. The full video of that segment is here.

Update: Fox has done a superb job with radical Islam by airing special cuts of “Obsession” and documentaries about Hezbollah in the U.S., but when it comes to Mohammed they’re as squeamish as the rest. They refused to show the Danish cartoons on air last year — until a guest on Hannity & Colmes took matters into her own hands. February 7, 2006…

More (Bryan): Of course I agreed with Jonathan that YouTube operates under a double standard. That was the whole point of my intro to the segment–that YouTube operates under a double standard; to wit, you can criticize anything but Islamic terrorism on YouTube and your video will stay on the site. But criticize jihadis and your video will eventually go down the YouTube memory hole.

Jonathan’s other comments are his own.