Shock: Bill Maher says something disgusting about Cheney

He’s the libertarian libertine version of Coulter: shameless, repulsive, but minus the ambiguity about whether he really means what he says. And as always, his bottom-feeding audience hoots and claps at the pinch of every verbal loaf. Hitchens, who should have known better than to appear on his show last year, at least had the proper response to that.

Exit question one: will Cheney embarrass himself by trying to turn this into a fundraising gimmick? Exit question two: given the left’s (appropriate) outrage at Coulter’s attempt to question Edwards’s masculinity, should we expect their snickering about the size of her adam’s apple to stop anytime soon?

Update: Andrew Levy on Coulter. Watch the comments fly!

Update: Ace notes another difference between Maher and Coulter.