Video: Bryan Preston talks YouTube on "Red Eye"

Our resident video wiz guested on Gut’s show last night to explain to night owls the double standard YouTube follows in punishing users who criticize Islam, regardless of how innocuous or well founded that criticism might be. Heart-ache was induced when Rachel Marsden and Lisa Bernhard responded with the old non sequitur about YT being a private actor that can do what it wants — a point no one disputes, and which conveniently ducks the more important questions of whether they should be condemned for it and whether economic pressure should be brought to bear. I doubt Marsden, in particular, would reply to evidence of Reuters or AP media bias with a glib, “Hey, it’s their business.” Why the exception for YouTube?

FYI, this wasn’t Bryan’s only appearance on Fox yesterday. He turned up as the first righty blogger quoted in this article about blogs’ role in the 2008 election. Snarking on the nutroots, of course.

Update: Inanimate Carbon Rod is keeping tabs on white supremacist videos at YouTube. Hours after he flagged his latest discovery for hate speech, it’s still on there.