Video: Angry Gates announces Army Secretary's resignation over Walter Reed

It’s a slow burn, but still a burn.

That makes two heads that have rolled in as many days over the scandal, an unusually quick response for an administration famous for retaining and even rewarding its most inept members. Danger Room wonders if this proves that Gates has less tolerance for incompetence than his predecessor. Maybe, although if WaPo broke a story as politically radioactive as wounded troops being neglected during Rummy’s term, I doubt he’d have been slow to move either.

Note the reporters asking at the end whether Harvey jumped or was pushed. Gates doesn’t answer, but the AP does:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Harvey had resigned. But senior defense officials speaking on condition of anonymity said Gates had asked Harvey to leave. Gates was displeased that Harvey, after firing Maj. Gen. George Weightman as the head of Walter Reed, chose to name as Weightman’s temporary replacement another general whose role in the controversy was still in question.

That general is Kevin Kiley, who figured prominently in yesterday’s post. Gates named a permanent replacement for Weightman this afternoon, so Kiley’s interim term is already over. I’m surprised he hasn’t been replaced yet as Army surgeon general.

Henry Waxman’s already served one subpoena, with more sure to come. Can’t blame him a bit.

Update: Like I said, more sure to come.