Baltimore Sun: Messiah's ancestors owned slaves

Excellent analysis at Newbusters, to which I don’t have much to add. The patronizing silver-lining quote from the U of M professor about this possibly “deepening” Obama’s connection to slavery rescues it from being the complete hit piece that the AP’s story about Romney’s family tree was. This is the fruit of a 20-month election cycle, I guess: moronic genealogical studies to uncover the sins of the candidates’ fathers. Now the mudslinging transcends centuries!

At the very least, it should add an interesting subtext to the “Who’s Blacker?” showdown in Selma this weekend between Barry O and Billy Jeff.

Here’s the clip at Comedy Central of Steven Colbert dismantling Debra Dickerson last month on the Report for arguing that Obama isn’t authentically black:

And here, via Hotline, is something that turned up on YouTube a few days ago. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s…