Video: "Welcome to CPAC, Rudy"

Pro-choice, pro-gay-rights, anti-gun, supports McCain-Feingold, supports “comprehensive immigration reform,” has a (short) track record of appointing left-leaning judges, and has been accused of being a draft dodger. Plus, he’s not blog friendly. But he’s great on crime and terrorism.

Pound for pound, I’d say he’s easily the most attractive liberal Democrat in the race.

Not sure who put this together, but the YouTube account’s registered to “cpacwatch.” Heh.

In fairness to Rudy, the draft dodger accusation seems thin. And Politico’s piece about those left-leaning judges is silly. Ben Smith complains that his judicial appointments were results-oriented, not philosophically-oriented, but why on earth wouldn’t they be? Jurisprudence isn’t much of an issue for local judges interpreting state statutes and city ordinances; it’s a huge issue for federal judges making constitutional law, which is why Giuliani’s falling all over himself lately to praise Roberts and Alito. He’s going to end up taking a hard line on this before the campaign is over, such that he wouldn’t dare break his promise and disappoint the GOP base if he ever has the chance to act on it. So I wouldn’t worry overly about what he’s done in the past. Besides, Ted Olson‘s in his corner. That’s a sweet shot of right-wing judicial cred right there.

As for the clip, it’s worth comparing the soundbites there to what Rudy told Hannity in his appearance on February 5th. Start halfway through the first video and see for yourself how his positions have magically evolved on partial-birth abortion, gun control, and same-sex marriage.

No matter. According to Time’s latest poll, he’s gained 18 points since January on McCain, who’s starting to look physically how the country feels, i.e., a spent force. As a simple gut matter, St. John’s in a hole.

Exit question: Will the vaunted Clinton attack machine be forced to go easy on Obama?

Update: We posted a clip of him talking about this on Larry King a few weeks ago, but here he is again laying into the Democrats for their lack of balls. Most Americans agree with him.