Video: "Stop and Go"

It’s a slow night in the old bloggy homestead, so how about some (eye) candy? Here’s a nifty spot from Snickers that looks to have been released within the last week or so. Seems odd that they’d bump something this cool from a Super Bowl slot for mechanics sucking face, but there you go.

It’s obviously an allegory about Sunni/Shiite sectarian violence. Imagine what that moron from the Times could have done with it.

And here’s a bonus video that’s also circulating right now. Unquestionably the stupidest thing I’ve ever posted here, but it makes me laugh like the imbecile that I am. I’m not sure whether to give you the content warning or not: there’s nothing, er, dirty about it, exactly, but on the other hand, it’s not something you’d want someone to catch you watching, if only because they might think you’re developmentally disabled. So here’s your official ambivalent content warning. You’re welcome.

I didn’t actually laugh out loud until he put his hand behind his head. Just for the record.