Video: Matthews compares Clinton to "Jesus in the temple"

The Sadr post has five comments as I write this and the next post, about the big Taliban arrest today, won’t do any better, so I guess I’d better make with the outrage quick like. Here, via Newsbusters, is the other guy on MSNBC reaching for an analogy I honestly don’t grasp. He’s praising Clinton’s ability to transcend racial divides and appeal to people’s common humanity — but what incident is he thinking of about Jesus in the temple? Does he mean this? I’ve always understood that passage as a testament to young Jesus’s precocious religious acumen, not his rhetorical skill, but then I’m not the theologian around here.

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say Matthews doesn’t really regard Billy Jeff as Christ’s moral equal. He was simply searching for an analogy to capture the unfathomable depths of the Clenis’s empathetic power and, well, he found Jesus. Look on the bright side: how often do you hear a lefty invoking him favorably?

Check out the look on Kate O’Beirne’s face when Matthews finished speaking.