Video: "Jihad"

For the second day in a row, I pilfer a vid from See-Dub. Mitigating factor: he pilfered it from Pajamas.

He calls it brilliant for shifting from dread to comedy to drama back to comedy and finally to whatever emotion the ending evokes in the span of five minutes. It’s impressive, but the suggestion that money is the answer to jihad makes me nervous given what we know about the social strata from which AQ’s leaders come. Plus, it feels like an allegory — but for what? Iraq? If the characters had ended up distracted by fighting with each other instead of celebrating, that would work. But they don’t, so it doesn’t.

As an allegory for western complacency prior to 9/11, it’s not half bad. But then you’ve got to overlook the not so minor fact that the characters here are the type of people who were flying the planes, not the ones sitting terrified in back.

How about we agree it’s a statement about cultural assimilation and leave it at that. Everyone happy? Good. Proceed.