Video: Beck's joke about topless photos falls very, very flat

This is making the rounds on the lefty blogs, with good reason. The guest is Dina Sansing of Us Weekly, who was on to talk about those photos of the American Idol contestant that are working their way through the ‘Net. Beck thought it’d be a good idea to slip in a jokey question about him and her maybe getting together later for a little photo shoot of their own. Result: one of the most painfully awkward silences you’ll ever hear.

And yet, I can’t tell if she’s giving him a cold stare or if she just didn’t hear what he said. He starts to make his “joke” while she’s still speaking, in a low tone with his own face turned away from the camera, so it’s possible she just plain missed it. Plus, she recovers quickly for someone who’s just absorbed such a rude insult. I don’t know. I hope she didn’t hear him … but I think she probably did. Humiliating.

Update: A reader in the TV industry e-mails to say that his position relative to the camera wouldn’t matter. There are usually no monitors for the guests to see the host during a remote interview.