Harvard dean offers freshmen support, guidance, more powerful orgasms

I assure you, libertarians and feminists would support this more aggressively than social cons would ever oppose it. Why? Because the Enlightenment deserves nothing less than maximum shrillness and invective in its defense, baby.

It’s not that they’re offering sex-ed seminars that grates, although tips on “how to access pleasure” does strain the “ed” part a tad. It’s the fragrant, late-night-phone-sex-ad rhetoric being used by to sell it. Hot, hip Harvard Deans are waiting to talk to you:

Hooking Up: Hot Hints For Making Your Harvard (or Future) Sex Life Great…

Want to know more about how to access pleasure, how to communicate your desires and how to make sure that you’re getting what you want and need from your partner? Do you have questions about sex or sexuality that you’ve never had answered? You won’t want to miss this!…

In addition to sexxxxxy suggestions, come enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and HOT chocolate. Other snacks and opportunities to win prizes (including Amber’s book), as well as other great “stuff’ will be included.

Eh. The student organizers probably wrote the copy themselves, handed it to the Dean’s secretary, and it got printed up without a second glance.

Exit question one: the legal distinction aside, how do voluntary prayer periods in public schools put more “pressure” on 17-year-olds to conform than voluntary pleasure workshops at college do on 18-year-olds? And exit question two: what’s stupider, the five x’s in “sexxxxxy” or the all-caps for “hot” in “HOT chocolate”?

Update: See-Dub e-mails to say this is neither the most embarrassing Dean e-mail of the month nor the most embarrassing college sex story of the day.

Update: Changed “Dean” to “dean” in the headline, which is the correct capitalization and should stop some of the Harvard/Howard confusion.