Military punishing Walter Reed troops for talking to the media?

So says the Princess, quoting the Air Force Times (which, fyi, is owned by Gannett, not the Air Force). Clarify something for me, military readers: by “soldiers” they mean military staff at WR, not patients, right? The article refers to “soldiers” filling out medical evaluation forms and finding mold and mice in their quarters, but I simply can’t believe they’d ask even able-bodied convalescent troops to be ready for inspection every day at 7 a.m.

Either way, it’s clear they’re taking measures to blackout the media on hospital conditions going forward. Exactly the wrong move. I hope they pay for it.

Update: John from Wuzzadem points to this passage from WaPo’s original article about neglect at WR:

Next came 7 a.m. formation, one way Walter Reed tries to keep track of hundreds of wounded. Formation is also held to maintain some discipline. Soldiers limp to the old Red Cross building in rain, ice and snow. Army regulations say they can’t use umbrellas, even here. A triple amputee has mastered the art of putting on his uniform by himself and rolling in just in time. Others are so gorked out on pills that they seem on the verge of nodding off.

It’s not the same thing as having one’s room ready for inspection, but it certainly puts the AFT article in some perspective. How about it, military readers? Is this much ado about nothing or not?