Blogwars: Patterico vs. Greenwald, Ellensburg, Ellers, and Ellison

He reserves most of his ire for those first three, but don’t worry. Ellison’s day will come.

Wuzzadem’s having fun with him, too. There’s something about GG that brings out the best in both of them. Probably it’s a simple matter of pegging the outrage meter high enough to unlock the creative impulse. Hypocrisy, egomania, apparent deceit, and stupendous sanctimony, all served cold in turgid, humorless prose: how could they resist, really?

In fairness, though, Gleen’s gotten a bit of a bad rap on this. Some lefties are positively overjoyed that Cheney’s okay.

Exit question: If the baby tigers and orangutans can get along, why can’t we?