Video: Constable George Galloway arrests "Tony Blair"

Here’s the latest devastatingly effective peace initiative, brimming with the usual grotesque buffoonery and celebrity cameos, from the merry moralizers in the anti-war left. (Alas, no papier-mache puppets.) What’s more repulsive: casting a terrorist apologist who’s morally sanctioned Blair’s assassination as a police officer; setting the concert on a rooftop in a shameless act of Beatles desecration; or hyping this dreary cover to the point where it might actually crack the UK Top Ten this week?

Actually, the most repulsive thing is the fact that Galloway’s partner is played by Lauren Booth, half-sister of Cherie Booth, a.k.a. Mrs. Tony Blair. What’s a little family humiliation if it means screen time with Gorgeous George, eh?