AmSpec: Are you ready ... for President Jeb?

Hillyer’s a smart guy so the only possible explanation for this is that he was crashing on deadline and desperate for a topic. Jeb himself is under no illusions about America’s Bush fatigue. The only question is whether that weariness is confined to their family or whether it extends to dynastic presidencies in general.

Meanwhile, frustrated far-left war opponent Gary Kamiya types with one hand the groveling Iraq apology he’s desperate to have Hillary deliver. This is a big issue for Kamiya, the nutroots, and, um, pretty much no one else:

The Post-ABC News poll found that 52 percent of Democrats said her vote was the right thing to do at the time, while 47 percent said it was a mistake. Of those who called it a mistake, however, just 31 percent said she should apologize. Taken together, more than eight in 10 Democrats believe either that her vote was correct at the time or that she should not have to apologize for it now.

I can’t believe I’m writing about this crap in February 2007. It occurred to me Sunday night that Gore could semi-plausibly announce his candidacy at next year’s Oscars. I’m burned out on it … with 20 months to go.

I need a Democratic scandal to get me motivated again. But who’s stupid and corrupt enough to stumble into one?