Video: Peace creeps beg cops to arrest Patty Murray for war crimes

Yeah, Patty Murray. Who once said the reason Bin Laden’s such a rock star in the Muslim world is because of his famous daycare-building initiatives. Who also, of course, voted against the war in 2002, but who isn’t doing everything she can now to defund the war immediately. Which brings us to our video.

It was shot a few days ago at a public appearance she made with some local police chiefs. The Sheehan crowd’s energized because a bill calling for Bush’s impeachment has been introduced in the Washington state senate and will be given a public hearing on Thursday. The moonbats are expected to be out in force to pressure the legislature into passing it and hopefully start a chain reaction in other blue states cuminating in the mother of all political headaches for Nancy Pelosi (and Hillary, Obama, etc). If she thinks she has a problem with the Blue Dogs now, imagine trying to remove the C-in-C in the middle of the surge.

As for our Patty, she’s as bright as ever:

Murray spokeswoman Alex Glass confirmed that Murray told Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown last week that the impeachment resolution was a bad idea:

“Senator Murray’s message was, ‘I have two words for anyone who wants to impeach the President: Dick Cheney.'”

Um, the Washington bill calls for Cheney’s impeachment, too.