NYPD worried that Iran may target New York

The perfect story for the 14th anniversary of the first Trade Center bombing. Although, is there anything really newsworthy here? If we hit them, they’re going to try to hit us; if they try to hit us, odds are the country’s financial center will be on the list.

Increasing tensions between Washington and Tehran have revived New York Police Department concerns that Iranian agents may already have targeted the city for terror attacks. Such attacks could be aimed at bridges and tunnels, Jewish organizations and Wall Street, NYPD briefers told security execs last fall, according to a person with access to the briefing materials who asked for anonymity because of the sensitive subject matter.

Meanwhile, according to the Times of London, they’re building up Hezbollah for round two with Israel. Surprisingly, the UN forces seem to be making things difficult, or difficult enough, for them in southern Lebanon. So they’re regrouping a bit further north:

The military build-up, only six months after the last Lebanon-Israel conflict, is being conducted in valleys and hillsides guarded by uniformed Hezbollah fighters in the rugged mountains north of the Litani river — the limit of the 12,000 strong UN Interim Force In Lebanon (Unifil).

Christian and Druze-owned land is being bought for cash by a Shia businessman. Hezbollah’s opponents believe the goal is to create a Shia-populated belt spanning the northern bank of the Litani, allowing the Lebanese group to operate away from prying eyes…

[The businessman’s] interest in the remote mountainous corner of Lebanon has puzzled residents and raised the suspicions of [Druze leader Walid] Jumblatt, whose Druze fiefdom cuts into the area. He suspects that Iranian funds are being used to buy the land, which will be turned into a Hezbollah military zone.

How’s Hezbollah going to hit Israel if they’re pushed way back to the center of the country? Simple: with increasingly advanced Iranian missiles. They fired Fajr-5’s, which have a range of 75km, and Raad rockets, which stretch to 120km, for the first time at Israel this summer. The IAF claims to have destroyed an even longer-range weapon, the 200-km Iranian Zelzal-2, in a raid in July. Iran’s had the Zelzal-3, with double that range, since 1993, so if Hezbollah doesn’t have it yet, they will soon.

No big conclusion here. Just pointing out that Iran may be getting its ducks in a row, here and in the Middle East, in case Bush or Olmert decides it’s go time re: their reactors.